V and Legacy

When V left Chicago for L.A. he had a very specific to-do list — find fame and fortune as an MC, and find the porn stars, not necessarily in that order. V found himself chilling at the Galaxy Gallery on Melrose, Los Angeles, which was an unlikely underground hip-hop hub.  A bong emporium par excellence frequented by the likes of Fiona Apple, the Galaxy also offers coffee, art and incense, with a bit of a stage on which to jam.  V began hanging at the Galaxy during Saturday-night free-for-alls, when MCs stretched out their skills freestyle to an acid-jazz band.  It was here that he met his partner, David Rojas, aka Legacy.

After years of grinding it out, V & Legacy marked their turf with 2000 MG, a slice of new old-school craziness.  Like others of their ilk, such as Styles of Beyond, Dilated Peoples and Ugly Duckling, V & Legacy playfully comment on silicone-inflated porno queens (”Lunatik Derelikt“), self-absorbed rock stars (”Superstar“), national pastimes (”Baseball“) and partying, lots of partying.

The tracks are dominated by phat, slinked-out Cali grooves, with cold cutting from DJ Rhettmatic and a dollop of madness piled on top from their friends in the Pharcyde (“Captain Caveman” & “Time-Remix”),  DJ Lethal (“Lunatik Derelikt”), Cypress Hill’s Sen-Dog (“Original”) and Bobo (“Bobo”) and the grand pooh-bah of all things funky, George Clinton (“Monkey Mittens”), all featured on the record.

LA Times Weekly