The Hanks

The Hanks are the epitome of the do-it-yourself work ethic. By fusing technical know-how with artistic skill and several years of unassisted endeavors, the Los Angeles-based indie-rock foursome — vocalist/guitarist Josh Grondin, bassist Bryan Harris, drummer Shane Mayo and keyboardist/horn player Philip Katz — has built an established name, refined its sound and accrued a loyal fanbase with nothing more than some time, touring miles and a few excellent releases.

After a number of years as a self-backed entity, The Hanks got its long-awaited due, with the support of Cobra Music and the release of its full-length debut, Your New Attraction.  For an act that began by selling burned copies of its recordings to its high school peers, having its album distributed on a national level is a much-needed step forward.

Composed of material written over the course of their post-high school years, and influenced by the likes of Lagwagon, Mad Caddies, Weezer, The Cars, Paul Simon and Jimmy Eat World, the album, Your New Attraction, found The Hanks writing melodic rock that appealed to their Cali roots and sensibilities.

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