Kid Static

Born and raised in Chicago, Kid Static started writing music to the sound of electronic drums emanating from his computer.  “I’m a dork at heart”, says Static. “If computers didn’t have something to do with the equation, this music wouldn’t be me.” And having been born into the tech-savvy generation-Y, and raised on Motown and West African Music, Static’s music merges technology with genres and styles.  When he finally decided to start putting the satirical raps he did for his friends on records, something altogether wonderful and playful was created. (more…)

The Ashes

The Ashes are a Chicago rock threesome including members Patrick Hamilton, McQ and Barry Fey.  They formed to bring to you straight ahead rock informed by their Chicago roots.  Formed in 2009, the Ashes have delivered their first LP to Cobra and are already working on LP2 to be released sometime late this year or early next year.



Telephone is a synth rock / power pop music project from Portland, Oregon.  Lead singer/ keyboardist (and ex-Dandy Warhols drummer) Eric Hedford is it’s central figure, which around moves various talented individuals. Some of these talented individuals have included Scott Fox (Satan’s Pilgrims, Crackerbash), Steve Birch (Sprinkler), Paul Pulvirenti, Chet Lyster (Eels), John Averill (March Fourth), Rich Landar (The Bus Boys), Ryan Moore, Dano Capristo, and Micheal Piretti.  Back in 2004 Telephone recorded a five song EP called We Are Telephone. It was released and landed on various radio charts and was played on radio stations around the country. The new record is called Automatic. Enjoy. (more…)

Black President

is a punk rock band from Los Angeles, California. we believe in educating ourselves, treating the world & people around us with the same respect we would take from it. we are not “politically correct”, we’re just not ignorant. we love this country. having spent all of our adult lives playing for people all over america we know its cities, small towns, main streets & back alleys better than any of the puppets competing to run it. and as much as we care about america we also know that it is in dire need of a complete overhaul. when we came up with the name of the band senator obama had not yet announced his intention to run for office. it was just our way of saying america needed a change & we could think of nothing more indicative of change than a BLACK PRESIDENT. (more…)


Suffrajett cranks out fuzzy, distorted alt-rock with enough melodies to keep you hooked, and enough garage roughness to keep things interesting. Fueled by the sweetness-turned-retaliation of lead singer Simi, Suffrajett rockets into a world where post-punk meets garage-rock. Here, the melodies matter as much as the lyrics, reeling the listener in for an explosive ride they won’t forget.

Hailing from New York, Simi (vocals / violin), Kevin Roberts (bass) and Jason Chasko (guitar) avoid being just another garage rock band with their 2nd LP, Black Glitter. (more…)

The Hanks

The Hanks are the epitome of the do-it-yourself work ethic. By fusing technical know-how with artistic skill and several years of unassisted endeavors, the Los Angeles-based indie-rock foursome — vocalist/guitarist Josh Grondin, bassist Bryan Harris, drummer Shane Mayo and keyboardist/horn player Philip Katz — has built an established name, refined its sound and accrued a loyal fanbase with nothing more than some time, touring miles and a few excellent releases. (more…)

V and Legacy

When V left Chicago for L.A. he had a very specific to-do list — find fame and fortune as an MC, and find the porn stars, not necessarily in that order. V found himself chilling at the Galaxy Gallery on Melrose, Los Angeles, which was an unlikely underground hip-hop hub.  A bong emporium par excellence frequented by the likes of Fiona Apple, the Galaxy also offers coffee, art and incense, with a bit of a stage on which to jam.  V began hanging at the Galaxy during Saturday-night free-for-alls, when MCs stretched out their skills freestyle to an acid-jazz band.  It was here that he met his partner, David Rojas, aka Legacy. (more…)